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Like our name suggests it, we at Wookood (which is the Arabic word for fuel) strive to be the driving force behind each and every aspect of our customers’ active lives, delivering success and efficiency to your businesses and households while constantly enhancing safety measures and making sure we provide the best and finest quality products.

Our story began in 1973 when a single man, our late Founder Mr Samir Saade, started this long ongoing journey with a single tanker, armed with an iron will to work and achieve success.

The young Samir began delivering relentlessly gas oil and unleaded gasoline to local companies, houses, restaurants under Mobil Company (named Al Wardiyeh today), laying the foundation for a marvelous success story which will be carried out by no other than his own son Mr Georges Saade, Chairman of Wookood Petroleum.

After starting his own business under the name of “Samir Saade Transportation”, Samir was known by all for his credibility and strong commitment, and that he was one of the very few strong-willed heroes who delivered gas oil and gasoline for our people in the mountains, defying snowstorms & blizzards.

The unfortunate civil war atrocities didn’t stop Samir either from getting his job done. So he continued, despite all the life-threatening dangers, to deliver this vital substance to anywhere he was called to do so, on the Lebanese territories, from up north and all the way down south.

This legacy of hard work and achieving against all odds, was passed and installed almost inherently in his boy’s spirit and mind.

As Georges, aged 9 back then, accompanied his father in his business tours, riding alongside him the tankers, he learned bit by bit the ways of driving these colossal vehicles and discovered the keys to success in this tough but rewarding job.

And when he was old enough his father welcomed him as a co-worker and later as a worthy successor, so Mr Georges Saade began his career from the very bottom of the ladder, starting in the mid-nineties by acquiring a second tanker and founding in 2002 a new company called “Al-Wookood” which consisted of a small managing office in Haret Sakher-Jounieh and 3 employees who grew today to include almost more than 100 staff members, along with a bigger fleet of 12 tankers covering all the Lebanese regions.

The year 2005 was a turning point, “Al Wookood” became “Wookood Petroleum” and it founded its first gas station in Haret Sakher, while simultaneously working on bigger warehousing to provide products for wholesale that are under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Water.

The company's business network subsequently expanded to establish the second gas station on Harissa Highway in 2010, then Jbeil station followed in 2015 and after it came the Mansourieh branch in 2017.

Wookood Petroleum’s relatively fast growth and efficient management caught the eye of a Worldwide Giant of the oil and gas industry, namely “Total” who saw in collaborating with us a great opportunity of expansion in Lebanon. So Total signed two contracts of cooperation with Wookood Petroleum, the first in 2017 and the second in 2018, which consisted in selling its products in both Mansourieh and Harissa Highway stations while staying under the latter’s management.

Wookood now has more than 3000 loyal clients and numerous companies receiving our paramount services and supreme quality.

As we believe in continuity and strong family ties, the business is now in the safe hands of the chairman Mr Georges Saade & his dedicated and experimented managing team, notably the COO Mr Joseph Saade and the CFO Mr Rony Daou, together they form a strong-minded unit walking in the footsteps of those who paved the way for them.

We mobilize natural resources to satisfy your various life needs, pumping your engines with the best quality fuels. We fill your tanks, either in vehicles, houses and workplaces, with the energy to perform at its best potential. We also make sure you get the best services, whether from our delivery system or at our gas stations where we provide full care to both you and your machinery.

We strive to create a better energy supply for an environmentally friendly future. Wookood Petroleum aspires to become a role model for all gas stations in Lebanon and even the region, by providing the best quality services and applying safety measures, plus providing to our clients the best technological developments to make sure we facilitate their transactions.

Our core values are, first the honesty & transparency to provide you with the best quality energy resources and services. Second, we vow to always be fast and punctual in delivering what you ask for, and under any circumstances. Last but not least, Wookood Petroleum believes in being part of a wider society and promises to help push it forward.

Sustainable development is an ongoing challenge for Wookood Petroleum. Our group of executives and professionals are joined in a philosophy of continual improvement that includes the principles of social responsibility and has been a constant since our company began. Our capacity to generate value makes us one of the economic pillars of development in the regions where we operate.

Our constantly improving performance and our enriching partnerships allow us and our customer base to grow both in volume and in quality, meeting all kinds of challenges in key aspects of the energy world. I promise to always deliver to you, our respectable clients, the best products on the market, and the finest professional service in return of your loyalty to Wookood. This is our path to mutual growth, where we allow each other to make the utmost benefits of our partnership. I will always make sure that Wookood Petroleum takes good care of the wellbeing of its customers and the communities which host its facilities. The virtues of our late founder, my beloved father Samir Saade, in hard work and perseverance and dedication and honest dealing with the people will always be at the base of our dealing with any partner, whether it’s a large company or a passerby just filling his gas tank to continue the road …