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Making ourselves useful in almost every aspect of your active life is one of our major tasks, so we are always eager to bring to our wholesale and retail consumers the best services available on the market in order to facilitate your transactions and make your life easier.

Fuel Distributions

we seek to give you a constantly updated variety of services, starting with our Fuel Distribution Fleet, consisting of 13+ oil tankers working around the clock 24/7. Our group of energetic Reindeer got you covered wherever you are in Lebanon, whether you want to want to warm your household, run your electricity engine, or get your business going (factories, restaurants, bakeries, gas stations etc…). We are punctual and promise to deliver on time and under any circumstances.

Gas Stations Payment facilities

Wookood Petroleum gas stations host a wide variety of services for our retail customers. We don’t just fill your tanks with best quality gasoline and diesel, but also provide you with free credit facilities, which allows you to enjoy up to 30 days interest free (0% APR). Whether short of cash or want to save it, Wookood offers you the opportunity to use your debit or credit cards to pay for any service or commodity. Moreover, we recommend to use Wookood’s Fuel Credit Card, which enables you to check your balance online, after creating your own account (username and password).

Fuel Credit Card Program

Our Fuel Credit Card program also allows companies to adjust their fuel expenses, rationalization spending which affects positively their return. This program provides Fuel management reports, containing detailed statements with VAT, monthly and yearly statistics of consumption, plus abnormal mileage reports.

The Car Wash Experience

Another area we sought to make more comfortable is the Carwash. Our welcoming cafeterias allow our customers to relax and follow the inside out cleaning process while having their favorite hot drink or refreshments. Off-road lovers and truck owners need not to worry about cleanliness anymore, with our special Truck and 4×4 washing section.

Engine Care

We also have meticulous interior and engine cleaning service, plus oil change for all cars running on gasoline or diesel, providing a wide range of lubricants (name them) … filters and engine greasing services are available too.

The Convenience Store

Our customers can get their basic goods from our convenience store allowing them to make full use of their precious time at the gas station.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is another burden a Wookood customer need not to worry about, we do it too.

Natural Gas

Wookood also cares for your safety and wellbeing at home, so our drivers will not only deliver your traditional butane gas cylinder but will give you the option to try “The New Rock’s Gas” flask renowned to be safe and consumer friendly.

Firewood Services

We at Wookood make sure to warm those cold winter nights by providing quality firewood services to our residential, restaurant, and commercial customers.

Maritime services

Another area we’re distinguished by is the Maritime services, where we deliver diesel oil for all kinds of marine vehicles (fishing ships, speed boats, jet skis etc…)

Wookood Gift Card

Our clients can show care for their loved ones by getting them the Wookood Gift Card which allows them to benefit of all our services according to a prefixed amount.

Remarks and complaints

Last but not least, Wookood Petroleum management team is always ready to hear your remarks, information and complaints regarding services or products and to take immediate action to repair what might have gone wrong.